Yemen: 64 killed in southern Yemen battle with militants

Fighting in the southern Yemen town of Lawder has taken a toll of 64 according to reports. This includes 18 troops at a base that was attacked by militants from Ansar al-Sharia.

Anti-militant tribes helped out the military and also lost members. Reportedly the military retreated inside their fortified base. The Yemeni military reported provided tribe members with arms.

The town is on the one major highway in the province of Abyan. Militants hold much of the province. The capital Zinjibar fell to the Anar al-Sharia group almost a year ago. They hold areas north of the town of Lawder as well. Gaining control of Lawder would link areas they occupy. The U.S. has made drone attacks on areas controlled by the group which the U.S,. considers linked to Al Qaeda. For more see this article.


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