Welcome to Palestine activists stopped from flying to Israel

The Welcome to Palestine campaign is meant to bring to public attention Israel's coontrol of movement in Palestine.What it has done is show that Israel is able to control movement in many other countries as well. Literally hundreds of activists were prevented from boarding flights to Tel Aviv across Europe

Swiss police are preventing about a hundred activists from flying to Ben Gurion airport in Israel. A campaign spokesperson said:"Besides that there has been the confiscation of a passport of one of the activists." Both Jet2.com in the UK and Air France said that they were cancelling seats on flights to Tel Aviv.

Hundreds of officers are awaiting the activists at Israeli airports. They intend to detain activists who do manage to fly in. Four are already detained at the Tel Aviv air port.

The Immigration Authority had given airlines names of some 1200 activists who would be barred from entering Israel. Of course one of the points being made by activists that to enter Palestine they must go through Israel. They would be welcomed in Palestine!

At Brussels airport around 120 Palestinian activists protested because they were barred from flying to Israel. Three people were arrested. Despite holding airline tickets about 100 activists were unable to fly.For much more see this article.


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