Over next 3 years Chinese giant Alibaba will invest $15 billion in new technology

The Chinese giant firm Alibaba has announced that it will invest $15 billion over the next three years into cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.
Alibaba has called its new initiative"DAMO Academy" standing for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum, and Outlook. Research labs will be created not only in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Hangzhou but in San Mateo and Bellevue in the United States. Other cities in which there will be new facilities include Moscow in Russia, Tel Aviv in Israel, and Singapore, Malaysia. All the facilities will be overseen by an advisory board of the best researchers and professors from leading global universities including the MIT in the US. The new units will explore developing technologies relating to data intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, and human-machine interacting.Jeff Zang,Alibaba's chief technology officer said: "We aim to discover breakthrough technologies that …

Dubai police using cutting edge technology

Dubai police have adopted a new crime fighting instrument that can be a drone or a hoverbike. Earlier this year they introduced a robocop and robocop cars.

The Hoversurf Dubai police have teamed up with the Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf. The Hoversurf, combines the capabilities of a drone and a hoverbike. The craft has four large propellers that enable it to fly at a height of five meters or 16 ft when piloted. Without a pilot the vehicle can go another meter higher. The craft can be operated remotely or piloted.
The Hoversurf can fly for 25 minutes when fully charged and can travel at speeds up to 70 km per hour or 43 mph. It is able to carry an additional 300 kilograms or 662 pounds. The Hoversurf is just one of several futuristic devices that Dubai is rolling out this year. Dubai signed a deal earlier in the year that will see self-driving cop cars on the street helping to fight crime. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
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Water witching still used though scientific evidence does not support it

Dowsing is one type of divination used in attempting to find ground water (water witching) , buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, grave sites and much else. Most consider it a pseudoscience.
There arenumerous studiesthat show dowsing is no more effective at discovering water or whatever than pure chance or a guess. Sometimes dowsing is referred to as divining. In the US and elsewhere when it is used to determine where to dig an oil well it is called doodlebugging. When used to determine where to dig a water well, it is called water finding, water witching, or water dowsing. Dowsing has a long history. It could have originated in Germany as early as the 15th century to try to discover metals. In 1518 Martin Luther claimed that dowsing violated the first commandment. Some think dowsing for water is very ancient but the first account of the practice was in 1568. In southern France in the 17th century dowsing was used to track criminals and heretics. In 1701 the Inquisition forbade the …

Farmers using GPS and self-driving tractors as they shift towards precision agriculture

Farmers have been using GPS systems on their tractors for some time. Now they are being used with self-driving tractors and soon with autonomous tractors that drive themselves.
The shift towards precision agriculture is promising a major boon for farmers and their businesses. Now self-driving tractors are adding to this smart farm effort, allowing farmers to find even more efficiency an value for their businesses. According toMarket and Marketsthis shift in agricultural technology is just the beginning: the research firm predicts precision farming could reach almost $8 billion in market value by 2022. Farming with precision Precision agriculture involves the use of GPS has been popular for some time now, allowing farmers to better apply fertilizer, seed, herbicide etc. much more efficiently, reducing expenditures while producing a higher yield and creating less stress on the environment. This method of agriculture typically involves farming management that uses GPS and satnav systems t…