Pentagon wants to expand spying on foreign military contractors

The U.S. is expanding covert operations both in the military and in spying Obama moves to project U,S.power through methods that are hidden from view and from accountability. The Dept. of Defense has asked that spies be allowed to infiltrate foreign military contractors' businesses.

These would be companies that are manufacturing weapons for competing nations. Some U.S. business people would actually be spies gathering intelligence.

The Dept. of Defense also said: “The conflict with al-Qaeda and its affiliates, and other developments, have required the regular conduct of small-scale clandestine military operations to prepare the battlefield for military operations against terrorists and their sponsors,” The Department wants to be able to use more clandestine spying operations. Not only would the department keep the operations secret but could ignore or deny the operations entirely. So much for open and accountable government.

There are dangers to the program as a correspondent with Wired Danger Room points out:“Once civilian commercial activities become a front for US military spying, then foreign governments will likely view normal businessmen as targets for their own counter-spying, or even detention,” No doubt foreign operatives will also engage in such activities in U.S. businesses. For more see this article.


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