Denmark plans to produce energy needs all from renewables by 2050

The Danish government has announced that by the end of this decade one third of its energy will be from renewable sources. This includes wind and solar power plus power produced through burning biomass. The goal of producing all power from renewables by 2050 is shared by the main opposition Liberal Party.

Lykke Friis leader of the Liberal Party noted that they were not hippies but realists. The Danish Liberal Party is actually on the right and very pro-business making the party support all the more remarkable. Friis said:" No matter what we do, we will have an increase in the price of energy, simply because people in India and China want to have a car, want to travel,..That is why we came out with a clear ambition to be independent of fossil fuels: so we are not vulnerable to great fluctuations in energy price."

Denmark was particularly hard hit in the nineteen seventies gas price shock and has been moving away from fossil fuels ever since. At the same time unlike many countries there was no move to nuclear energy because of strong opposition.

Denmark has been at the forefront of the development of wind power but also produces considerable power from burning waste materials. For much more detail see this article.


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