Mali: Coup leader makes deal to hand over power to interim government

As usual the power brokers care little for actual democracy, The elected president Amadou Toure is not returned to his rightful role. He has resigned. No doubt he more or less had to. Perhaps he was given incentives. Who knows. Apparently it is neither here nor there that he is not restored to his rightful position.

There will no punishment of the U.S. trained coup leader Captain Sanogo. However in return for ceding power trade and diplomatic sanctions will be dropped.l.An Al Jazeera reporter said:"We understand from sources here that the military junta will get key political ministries in the [interim] government, most likely the ministry of defence." So the junta simply has their power seizure made legal in an interim government. The coup leader announced the handover together with a representative of ECOWAS the Economic Community of West African States.

Power will be handed over to the speaker of the parliament. He will organise elections and be sworn in as president. A national unity government is to be put in place during the next few days.

The deposed president has not been seen in public since he was overthrown on March 22. Apparently he will be able to live where he wants under army protection. Translated this means army surveillance. There was no timetable given for Sanogo to step down! However sanctions are expected to be lifted immediately.

There should be elections carried out within 40 days according to the constitution. However if the northern Turareg rebellion prevents this an interim transition government would be set up.

The northern Azawad region has declared independence but of course no one will recognise it. It is not supported by any great power in fact it will be regarded as a threat. It remains to be seen whether the rebels will agree to a ceasefire or if they do if the Malian government will accept it. The reason given for the rebellion is that the government was not forceful enough in putting down the Tuareg rebellion. For more see this article.

The Malian military claims that it seeks logistical support not foreign intervention. Do not be surprised if there are U.S. drone attacks in northern Mali. There are already a small team of U.S. special forces in the country. The military is already armed and trained by the U.S. Expect more violence in the future.


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