Ron Paul welcomed to liberal UC Berkeley

Berkeley must have changed from the time of Ronald Reagan who called the university:"a haven for communist sympathizers, protesters and sex deviants." It could be as a libertarian student says that the students are now more open to libertarianism. However it is more likely that the students support Paul's strong criticism of Obama's record as carrying on Bush war policy extending the U.S. empire's military reach even further and promoting drone attacks in many countries. Indeed the Obama administration may be plotting to paint Obama as a champion tough guy in the war on terror for the fall election.

Berkeley is probably still one of the more liberal U.S. universities but when many liberals seem content to busy themselves extolling the virtues of Obama and condemning the vices of Romney it is hardly surprising that some on the Berkeley left should make common cause with libertarians in welcoming Paul. Paul has been a consistent voice condemning Obama's violation of Americans' rights.

He may be Republican but he certainly is not welcomed by the Republican establishment. As a libertarian Paul also favors legalizing pot so he probably has support from all those aging pot-smoking hippies. Of course they all smoke it now for medical reasons! I have appended a video with Paul speaking. For more see this article at Russia Today. What! Russia Today. Maybe Paul is a secret commie ;)


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