More U.S. drone attacks in Yemen and Somalia

The new emphasis on drone attacks in areas where the U.S.engages only in covert operations has been evident in the last few days. This article at longwarjournal covers attacks in Yemen and this article in Press TV covers attacks in Somalia.

According to the first article U.S. drone attacks killed five AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula). A vehicle with the fighters in it was traveling near the town of Karma near the city of Assan in Shabwa province. The city of Azzan has been under AQAP control since June last year. The city of Zinjibar in Abyan province was also seized by Ansar Al Sharia.

The U.S. has stepped up strikes in Yemen carrying out four already this month. In March there were at least six strikes. Obviously the tempo of strikes is increasing. There are also Special Forces units on the ground but nothing has been said recently about them.

According to Press TV at least 31 people were killed in recent attacks near the town of Afmadow. A Somali military official confirmed the attack. The UN has condemned the drone attacks saying the are a threat to international law. The Obama administration is stepping up covert operations as it winds down conventional military operations in Afghanistan. The U.S. is resorting more and more to what Juan Cole calls shadow power.


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