ACLU seeks information on horrendous U.S. missile attack in Yemen in 2009

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) together with the Center for Constitutional Rights have filed a request for information about a U.S. missile attack that killed dozens of civilians in the remote village of al-Majalah in the province of Abyan. The request is under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The attack happened back on Dec. 17th 2009 the first known missile strike in Yemen carried out by the Obama administration. There were one or more cruise missiles that were launched from a U.S. warship or submarine. There were reports that cluster bombs were used as well..

Forty one people were killed in the remote mountain village in Abyan province. The targets were purportedly militants according to the government which also claimed full responsibility for the attack. However among the dead were 21 children and 14 women.

I have included a tape of almost half an hour on the U.S involvement in Yemen. There is an interview with people from the village attack beginning around 10 minutes into the video. For more see this article.

It is highly unlikely that any information will be released or that the U.S. will even admit to the attack. The Saleh government often claimed that they mounted attacks that were in effect by the U.S. Indeed Saleh authorities joke about this in memos released by Wikileaks as the video appended points out. The release of this information will be said to be against national security interests..


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