China blocks or closes down a number of left leaning web sites

China tries very hard to keep internal dissent under wraps but there is clearly division within the ranks of the ruling communist party members.

The site and a neo-Maoist group Utopia have been closed to Internet users in China as well as a site called Progress Society. All three supported fired party chief Bo Xilai. Xilai's model of development places emphasis on a strong state-centered economy. It also supports social welfare policies that would address growing income inequality. No doubt the ruling powers want more capitalism and more for the one per cent.

In a growing attempt to mitigate the fallout from dissension within the party the government has blocked search terms related to the fired official and closed down other sites The actions come ahead of the 18th congress of the Communist Party that is set to choose a new president and party leader and seven members of the powerful Politburo.The current vice-president Xi Jinping is expected to be chosen.

Two other websites and also the website of the Carter Center run China Elections and Governance site that advocates political reforms were also inaccessible. For more see the full article here.


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