Top ten richest counties in the U.S.

This site lists the ten richest counties in the U.S. together with statistics and photos. I found the list surprising.

Of the ten richest counties four are in Virginia alone. In fact the top two richest counties are in Virginia. There are three of the top ten in New Jersey. There are two in Maryland.

All but one of the richest counties are on the east coast of the U.S. The only other county in the top ten is in Colorado. I thought that there would be some top counties in California, Texas, or Florida.

Loudon County Virginia is the richest county in the U.S.with a population of 277,433 in 2010. The median family income was $110, 643 in the same year. The residents are well educated with 58 per cent of those over 25 having a bachelors degree or higher. For much more see the full article.


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