Politically correct names: Intercourse Alabama OK: F---ing Austria No Way

The town of F---ing Austria probably honours a sixth century nobleman name Focko. No matter it is just too embarrassing and the town is the butt of jokes. Nevertheless one would think the Chamber of Commerce would object to the change since it puts the town on the map so to speak.. A local town council in Canada was infuriated when the Canadian post office rejected a slogan cancel that would indicate that the town was the rape (canola) capital of the world. The grain rape was changed to canola some time ago but many old timers were outraged by the change.

The F---ing youngsters of today have voted against retaining the name. They want to change to the sound the same but acceptable Fugging Austria. But a Fugging Austria already exists so it may not be possible. You see the F---ing Austria people waited more than a century too long. There were once two F----ing Austrias but in 1836 one changed to Fugging. No f---ing way you say! For more f---ing information see this article.


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