U.S. envoy in talks to mend relations with Pakistan

U.S. Ambassador Marc Grossman will meet with key Pakistani officials. There will be two days of meetings to try and work out disputes between the two countries.

There will also be meetings with a core group of both Pakistani and Afghan officials to try and restart peace talks with the Taliban. The meetings take place after the Pakistani parliament made a series of demands including the cessation of drone attacks and an apology for an attack that killed 24 Pakistani troops.

A spokesperson for the U.S. State Dept. said:"We've begun our process of re-engaging with the Pakistani government to work through the issues that have come up during the review, so this will be an effort to really take up those issues one at a time and see how we work through them," Grossman is special envoy for both Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has been on a tour of Europe, Turkey and the Gulf nations mainly talking about Afghanistan after 2014. No doubt it is partly a fund raising tour to help pay for Afghan security.

The State Dept. spokesperson said:."We want to hear the Pakistani government's presentation of where it thinks the bilateral relationship needs to go, and then we will present our views and work through issues as partners do," The spokesperson had no comment on whether Grossman was prepared to discuss drone attacks. The U.S. has said a number of times that it is not prepared to stop the attacks. The attacks have continued even after the Pakistani parliaments has passed several motions demanding that they cease. For more see this article.


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