Wisconsin: Governor Scott Walker to face recall election in June

The Government Accountability Board found that petitions for the recall of both Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish met the recall standard. Walker's anti-union legislation brought about the petition. The legislation sparked many demonstrations in the state and at the state capitol in Madison.

Just over 540,000 signatures were required to trigger the recall vote but over 900,000 were counted a valid. Even so there were 26,115 names declared invalid including. They included Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Adolf Hitler, I wonder if there aren''t actually people with some of these names!

Governor Walker also lost out to a court decision as well. A district court judge ruled that the requirement that most public-employee unions must re certify annually violated the constitutional guarantee of equal protection since the law made an unsupportable distinction between general employee and public safety unions.

The recalling of governors is rare. In the U.S. only two governors have ever been recalled. Gray Davis of California was recalled in 2003 and Lynn Frazier of South Dakota way back in 1921. For more see this article.


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