Fiji faces Cyclone Daphne after flash floods

Authorities in Fiji have declared a state of emergency after flash floods caused extensive damage and now the islands are threatened by Cyclone Daphne. Many tourists are stranded as flights out of Fiji have been cancelled.

The floods have already killed three and forced 8,000 to seek shelter in evacuation centers. With the approaching cyclone more flooding and damage is expected on the main island of Viti Levu.

The Fiji meteorological service is predicting winds of 68 miles per hour and severe flooding along major streams and low-lying coastal areas as well. In January 11 people died in floods. The situation is worse now according to a government spokesperson.

Tourists are angry as services were limited and they were unable to leave the country. A woman whose flight to London was delayed at least until tomorrow from Sunday said:"The information we've been given has been terrible. They say flights are on but you turn up and they've been cancelled,""I had to sleep on a bench (at the airport) last night and I'm going to have to do it again tonight, and I'm disabled,"

So far Fiji has not called for international assistance although Australia and New Zealand have offered help if it is needed. For more see this article. I have appended a video showing one section of the flooding.


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