U.S. troops sent to Mali on "standby" status

   In 2009 U.S. began anti-terrorist training of Malian armed forces

A small group of U.S. troops are in Mali on what is termed "standby" status even though the U.S. has suspended military cooperation. The coup leader is U.S. trained. Apparently negotiations for return to civilian rule are ongoing.

Over the weekend the African Command sent what it called advisory troops to the capital Bamako, Interesting that the insurgents let foreign troops in with not even any complaints it seems. A spokesperson for the African command said:.“The U.S. military members will not engage with the Malian military … until the current situation is resolved and the U.S. Government approves restitution of the long-standing U.S.-Malian partnership,”

Notice that the situation is not described as a coup. This is the same line that the U.S. took in Honduras. The situation there ended up with the elected president who was kidnapped in the coup never returning to power. Eventually a new president was elected under a government set up by the coup. The press then turned to other events. The ruling clique and the U.S. troops stationed in Honduras carried on as usual. So did the drug lords. Deciding a coup had taken place would mean cutting off all aid.

Meanwhile in the north the Tuareg rebels seem to have captured most if not all of the northern territory. They have even declared independence and imposed Sharia law. The U.S. will certainly not accept the situation and is no doubt anxious for some settlement with the rebels so that the Malian armed forces can begin retaking the north no doubt with the help of U.S. advisers and perhaps even drone attacks as in Yemen.. The rebellion was promoted on the grounds that the rebellion in the north was not being put down as it should have been.

The African Command spokesperson said:. “We’re still considering this a ‘mutiny’ with uncertain results,” Some of the Turareg rebels may have come from Libya as Gadaffi forces were defeated. Many were in the Gadaffi armed forces. For more see this article.


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