Airliner makes emergency landing in Iran as American suffers heart attack

MSNBC is reporting that an American aboard an Emirates airliner is in hospital in Tehran after he suffered a heart attack while the plane was in Iranian air space. He was on a flight from Dubai to Seattle.

A spokesperson for Iran's Civil Aviation Organization said:“Yesterday (Friday), an airplane belonging to the Emirates airline, flying from Dubai to Seattle and while passing over Iran’s airspace, contacted the control tower and announced that one of this flight’s passengers had suffered a heart attack,” The man 52 was still in hospital yesterday.

Swiss diplomats in Iran handle U.S. interest. They declined any comment on the report. Iran may have problems collecting for any expenses since sanctions cut off any financial transactions through U.S and even international banking institutions!

When disasters of this sort strike nations of all stripes seem to be able to act. Perhaps this will improve the atmosphere at nuclear negotiations. For more see this article.


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