Mali: Deposed ex president in Senegalese embassy in Mali capital

The new president of Senegal announced that the ex president of Mali Amadou Toure is in the Senegal embassy in the Mali capital Bamako. Toure was deposed in an army coup by U.S. trained Captain Sanogo in March..

Toure resigned on April 8th as part of a deal to restore civilian rule. Senegal's new president Macky Sall said:"President Amadou Toumani Toure [is] at this moment on the territory of the residence of the embassy of Senegal in Bamako," Since the coup last month his whereabouts had not been known although military sources insisted he was safe. Ethnic Tuareg along with Islamic militants have taken control of the north of Mali and the Tuareg have declared it is an independent country of Azawad.

The new president and prime minister will need to organize elections but also do something about the northern secession. The coup leader said that the former government was not devoting sufficient resources to tackling the northern rebellion. No doubt there will be renewed conflict soon. See this article.


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