Greek coalition partners poised to win May election according to polls

In spite of huge demonstrations against austerity measures and widespread anger at the government the two main parties in the governing coalition may very well have enough seats to renew their partnership.

The PASOK socialist party and the New Democracy conservatives have regained support. One polll shows New Democracy at 21.9 per cent with 108 seats a gain of 4 per cent since February. PASOK the socialist party was up even more at 17.8 per cent and 47 seats versus 9.8 per cent in February.

In total the two would have 155 seats in the 300 seat assembly. That is just over half however and there are two weeks left in campaigning. The final poll could end up with a situation where other parties would need to join the coalition for a majority.

Even with these increases in support the parties are at almost historic lows in popularity. Eight other parties will probably win seats. An extreme right party Golden Dawn could win 14 seats, Fringe parties opposed to the bailout are gaining support.

Polls show that most Greeks favor a coalition of leftist parties but that is certainly unlikely to happen. While many Greeks are wholly opposed to the austerity measures a full 77 per cent want Greece to remain in the Euro zone and do what it takes to achieve this. If that is so then opposition to austerity measures is likely to be without any effect. For more see this article. The Greeks can look forward to a longer recession, cuts in salaries and pensions, and the sell off of their state assets.


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