Yemen: 55 killed in latest clashes with rebels in north Yemen

After two days of sectarian clashes between Houthi Shias and Sunni groups in north Yemen have left at least 55 dead and many wounded. There were clashes between Salafist Sunni groups and the Houthis last month as well.
   The fighting came immediately after a Shia festival which drew many more Shia to the area. The Houthis have had off and on conflict with the central government for years. Saudi Arabia which is just north of the area supports the Sunni groups in the area.
  The Houthis have announced that they will boycott the coming election. A leader of the Houthi rebels said:"We demand the Yemenis also commissioned experts to formulate a new constitution, and the formation of a national body to restructure the army based on national rules." The leader also claimed that foreign forces were trying to ignite sectarian strife and destroy the revolution.
  Certainly many of the protesters against Saleh and the new government would agree at least in part. There is only one single candidate for president, the vice president General Hadi who served under Saleh. Of course Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and the Gulf Cooperation Council think all this is just fine and an orderly transition to democracy. It is an orderly transition to the old order. For more see this article.   


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