Iran, Pakistan, Afghan meeting ends in acrimony

Leaders of the three neighbouring countries discussed a number of peace efforts. Afghanistan failed to get Pakistani support for an Afghan initiative to promote peace with the Taliban.

  Pakistan's foreign minister Hina Khar felt that Afghanistan had ridiculous expectations as to Pakistan's influence over the Taliban. For example, he said it was preposterous that Afghan authorities should think that Pakistan could force Mullah Omar head of the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table.

  The harsh comments were rather unexpected as usually these disagreements are kept in the background. The U.S. is promoting the peace process. However the Taliban has always demanded the withdrawal of U.S. troops as a condition of a settlement. But some troops are expected to stay in Afghanistan are 2014.

  A Taliban spokesperson said:"The Taliban did not talk with the Kabul government anywhere," An Afghan analyst based in Kabul noted that both Iran and Pakistan must agree to any peace deal for lasting peace in the area. For more see this article.


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