U.S.: Homeland security budgets to grow over next five years

   While other areas may see cut backs the Obama budget will see homeland security spending rise each year over the next five years. The budget estimates that in 2013 homeland security spending by all the different associated Federal agencies will amount to 68.7 billion dollars.
   Growth is expected to average 1.8 billion per year or 3 per cent in each of the next four years. By 2017 this will bring total annual spending to 76 billion.
   The top five agencies that are involved in homeland security related tasks are: 1) DHS (dept. of Homeland Security 2) DoD, 3) HHS, 4) Dept of Justice, 5) Dept. of State--order by expenditure rank. For much more see this article. After the fall election no doubt there will be further cuts elsewhere but for now at least Homeland Security seems to have a secure budget!



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