U.S. following through with arms sale to Bahrain

    Even though Bahrain has repressed protests and killed a number of protesters as well as imprisoning doctors and opposition members the Obama administration is going ahead with arms sales to the country. Bahrain itself has been busy lobbying its case. See this article.
    In late November a report commissioned by the king himself indicated that 35 people had been killed during the protest. Five detainees were judged to have been tortured to death and almost 3,000 arrested. In spite of all this the Obama administration has approved the detail. See this article.
 Eighteen members of the legislature plus 3 senators have written a letter to Hillary Clinton protesting the sale. The letter notes that 10 people have been killed in the last few months, that doctors who treated protesters have been prosecuted and that international human rights observers have been barred from the country. For more see this article.


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