Pakistan angry at U.S. bill that would support independence for Balochistan

Pakistan has had problems with separatists in Balochistan and Iran has suffered from attacks by terrorists that originate in the Balochistan area in western Pakistan bordering Iran. A spokesperson for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the proposed bill was self-serving and based upon both arrogance and ignorance while showing disrespect for international norms.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Dana Rohrabacker and two fellow Republican representatives and was presented on Friday. The three stated that the people of Balochistan had the right of self-determination.

Pakistani officials as well as condemning the motion also accused the U.S. of interfering in Pakistan's internal affairs. The Pakistanis should realize this is not an official Washington position unless the motion were to pass which I expect is unlikely. But who knows!

Rohrabacher also tried to cut off aid to Pakistan and has long been a critic of the Pakistani government. The motion will be successful only in providing one more irritant in the already rocky relationship betwee Pakistan and the U.S. For more see this article.


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