Afghanistan: Two U.S. military officers killed at Interior Ministry

Details about the event are still forthcoming and unclear at present. The two killed were said to be a major and a colonel in the U.S. military.

 The two were killed by gunshot wounds to the head in a room reserved for ISAF advisers. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident and also said that the perpetrator and an accomplice were still on the loose and resisting. However neither NATO nor Afghan officials confirmed the Taliban account.

The Taliban also said that the killing was in response to burning of  copies of the Koran at Bagram Air Force. There have been demonstrations against the burning for days. A number of Afghans have been killed. Four were killed recently when they tried to storm a U.S. compound in the north.

   The center where the killings took place has been closed by ISAF. According to an Al Jazeera reporter Afghan have no part in investigating the deaths. A U.S. Dept. of Defense spokesperson said that they did not know who killed the two ISAF members or why. No doubt the truth or parts of it will come out in time. For more see this article.

UPDATE: ISAF is withdrawing hundreds of advisers from the Kabul area. For more see this article.


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