Afghan rich exporting their riches to calmer climes

 Tales of cash being exported from Afghanistan to calmer climes such as Gulf Emirates have been ongoing but the pace of the transfer is apparently speeding up. A common theory is that the rich are worried about losing power when their western defenders leave or that civil conflict will make their future uncertain.
   Many analysts doubt that the Taliban actually have the power to take over government again. What is more likely is that they will be an influential group within the government. They along with others may insist on clearing out some of the corrupt politicians within the Karzai regime. No doubt many of the rich fear that might include them!
    Afghan officials are supposedly trying to find a way to prevent this export of hard currency that includes U.S. dollars, Euros, and scrip from Gulf emirates. Much of the money going back out of the country may have come from the U.S. A U.S. government audit discovered that they were unable to track much of the billions spent on both security and development projects over the years.
    A favorite place for rich Afghans to stash their wealth is in Dubai. An estimated 8 billion U.S. has come from Afghanistan.
   The West has provided security and opportunities for profit for a long time now. As the West reduces its aid and military presence those who have profited from the west's favorite pastime of fighting terrorism by taking on radicals who were their former allies can relax in the luxury of the man made Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. For more see this article.


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