India: Workers kill company president after union leader killed by police.

Labor violence broke out in the Indian east coast city of Yanam. Last Thursday baton wielding police wounded the union leader Morali Mohan so badly that he died while in transit to the hospital. The police attack wounded at least 20 other workers.
    The enraged workers massed outside the police station demanding that officers be charged with the death of Mohan. Workers then raided the home of the president of the company and beat him to death with lead pipes.
     At the police station several vehicles were burned and some workers were  injured two critically by police fire. Although the Indian economy is relatively strong per capita income is less than 4,000 dollars per year and Indian workers are among the lowest paid in the larger emerging markets. For more see this Forbes article.  Workers at the plant have been on strike since Jan 1 over a wage dispute.


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