Israel: Palestinian home demolished in spite of High Court Order not to.

On a dark stormy night in the village of Thalah the Israeli civil administration ordered a local shepherd and his family to vacate his hut. The family was given just a minute to leave.

However the family had documentation from the Israeli Hight Court of Justice with an iterim order to halt demolition. The Civil Administration representative simply tore the order up. The house was demolished and even the sheep pen with several sheep killed.

This example is just one of several from complaints filed by Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) against the Israeli Civil Administration. The RHR was able to prevent the rest of the village from being bulldozed.

The RHR also warns that the Civil Administration is next going to move against several energy projects including several windmills and solar panels. These provide energy for about 1500 Palestinians in the area.

The project is promoted by Community Energy and Technology in the Middle East. The windmills have been financed by the German government which has been attempting without success so far to have Israel reverse its decision to stop the projects. For more see this article.


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