Security forces clash with protesters in Bahrain

Using tear gas and stun grenades security forces drove back protesters trying to re-occupy the Pearl Roundabout area. The government destroyed the monument earlier. Some demonstrators west of Manama held up flags featuring the monument.
  Protests began in Bahrain one year ago  less a day. The demonstrations were planned to celebrate the beginning of the demonstrations. The government has announced a policy of zero tolerance for any anti-government demonstrations.
  A protest leader Nader Abdulimam said:"This has gone on for one year and it will go for another year or more.'' Almost every day clashes occur between Shia around Manama. The king Isa al Khalifa has made some changes but not nearly to the degree demanded by opposition groups.
   Almost 70 per cent of Bahrain's population is Shia but a Sunni dynasty has ruled Bahrain for 200 years! At least forty people were killed in demonstrations  in Bahrain. Bahrain recently has demanded prior visa approval from many nations before visitors can enter the country. This includes the U.S. The decision followed immediately upon the deportation of two American activists who were accused of joining protests after entering on tourist visas.Bahrain is headquarters for the U.S. fifth fleet. For more see this article.


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