Russia claims western countries arming Syrian rebels

    The Russian foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov claims that western states are sending arms secretly to Syrian rebel groups. As everyone knows Russia is arming the Assad regime as well as defending it at the UN.
    Ryabkov did not name the countries involved but the Turkish government has openly supported the Free Syrian Army consisting mostly of defectors from Assad's forces. The leader of the group Col Riad al-Assad. Turkey is granting media access to the leadership.
    Russia complained that arming the rebels was contributing to the crisis. The crackdown by Assad is doing the same thing. The situation is spiraling out of control into civil war. Russia also condemned NATO and the Arab league for trying to use the UN to promote regime change in Syria. In the U.S. Steve Chabot who is head of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East has called for arming the rebels. For more see this article.


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