Anti-Putin Protests in Moscow

Russians by the thousand joined hands to form a ring in the centre of Moscow. They were protesting Putin's probable return as president after next week's election.

Protesters wore white ribbons that symbolize opposition to Putin. These are the largest demonstrations since Putin's rise to power over a decade ago.

The protesters demand greater democracy and openness in the Russian system. They want corruption cleared up as well and the end of one man rule.

Nikolai Chekalin a scientist said:"I don't know that there will be any result (from the protest) but I've come to show the government that there are many of us and that there are many people together,"I would like transparency, an honest court and conditions for business to develop."

Protesters shouted "Russia without Putin"and many cars honked their horns in support. Protests began after allegations of fraud in the December elections. Putin is depending more on rural and working class support as his popularity with the young and upper middle class declines. However it seems that he still has enough support to win the presidency again. For more see this article.


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