Despite U.S. objections Pakistan vows to continue Iran Pakistan pipeline deal

Asif Zardari the Pakistani president promises to continue a proposed pipe line project with Iran. Americans have threatened sanctions if the deal goes through.

Zardari said that international pressure would not be allowed to undermine its relations with Iran. Zardari wias with president Ahmidinejad when he made the statement.

Pakistan is very short on energy supplies. Shortages create anger among the populace and make production difficult for industries. The importation of natural gas from Iran would certainly help relieve the situation.

The U.S. however wants the project stopped because it would help Iran escape isolation. The issue is just one more irritant between Washington and Pakistan. The project has been in the works since the nineteen nineties

However a deal was finally worked out in 2012. Iran will export 760 million cubic feet of gas per day into Pakistan. The gas will pass through a new pipe line and is scheduled to start in 2014.. Cost of the pipe line is estimated at 7 billion dollars. Zardari, Ahmadinejad and Karzai were at joint peace talks in Kabul when Zaraari made his statements. For more see this article.


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