Syria: Homs activists communicate with carrier pigeons

  Activists in different areas of the city of Homs in Syria have resorted to communicating with each other using carrier pigeons. The bird technology is ages old. Some areas are being very heavily shelled and people's movements are very much restricted whereas the carrier pigeons can fly about freely.
    The opposition has uploaded a video to You Tube. One message reads:"From the activists in Old Homs (district) to those in Baba Amr, please tell us what you need in terms of supplies, medicine and food,. God willing, we will deliver them to you,"
   Homs has been under siege since February 4th. There is no electricity and telecommunications are down. However somehow opposition groups get messages out to the wider world. The UN says that at least 300 people have been killed during the siege.
   The protests seem to be supplemented by actual civil conflict between rebel groups such as former Syrian troops and loyal Assad forces. The UN and most western countries and the Arab League now want regime change but Russia in particular opposes this move and still supports Assad. For more see this article. I have attached on You Tube video of the pigeons.


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