ACTA piracy bill faces strong opposition in Europe

 In several countries there has been strong negative reaction against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). There have been protests in Poland, Slovenia, and Greece among other countries.
    In Poland the Prime Minister Donald Tusk has suspended ratification for now. He admits that consultation on the bill had not been adequate. Of course the EU wanted to and did pass the bill without consultation. No doubt that was the whole idea! 22 of 27 states in the EU have already signed on to the bill.
   In Greece the Ministry of Justice had its website defaced by Anonymous hackers. In Greece the protests were against both ACTA and the IMF and EU terms for the Greek bailout funds. Greek authorities were warned that they had two weeks to stop ACTA or more government websites would be taken down up to 300 of them. This message appeared on the hacked Ministry of Justice website.
   In Slovenia the official who signed ACTA on behalf of Slovenia claims now that her act was one of "civic carelessness" and that she had neglected her civic duty. Protests again ACTA are planned in the city of Ljubljana today (Feb. 4th) For more see this article.


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