U.S. activist describes her arrest and deportation from Bahrain

K. Flo Razowsky is a U.S. activist. Razowsky claims that she was arrested and deported from Bahrain for the crime of witnessing how the Bahraini regime reacted repressively against people protesting.

Razowsky was never told why she was being arrested or deported. She was not questioned while in custody. There were earlier reports in Bahrain media that the government intended to arrest U.S. activisits. Five others were arrested at the same time as Razowsky.

The reports were intended to discredit protesters and the foreign activists witnessing the protests. According to the reports some of the foreigners were lesbians and married to Israeli zionists. The latter claims Razowski is completely false. Razowski is herself of Jewish background.

Demonstrations were in memory of the beginning of Bahraini protests on February 14, 2011. The protests were put down with the help of troops from neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

The activists felt that their presence as witnesses at rallies would prevent more severe repression by the regime. The regime obviously felt threatened. Not only were a number of foreign activists arrested, accredited reporters were stopped from entering Bahrain at the airport. For a much more thorough description of what Razowski witnessed see the full article here. Razowski is associated with Witness Bahrain.


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