Libya: Former Libya Ambassador to France tortured to death

   There are many independent militias in Libya and many are not under the control of the NTC the central government. According to Human Rights Watch Omar Brebesh who was ambassador to France from 2004 to 2008 had been brought in for routine questioning in Tripoli.
      Later his body showed up in a hospital in Zintan. The town is to the south-west of Tripoli and had been a hub of the revolution. His body was beaten, bruised and some toenails had been removed. His body was found by his son Ziad. Omar had still been working in the foreign ministry of the government at the time of his arrest for questioning.
   Photographs of  Omar's body show welts and bruising on the abdomen, cuts on both legs, and a large wound on the sole of one foot. Some toenails also appear to have been removed. Apparently a suspect has been arrested and confessed to the killing. This one happening is just the tip of the iceberg.
   The International Committee of the Red Cross says that there is evidence that at least 8,500 prisoners are being held by 60 different militias. Obviously the new government has a long way to go to bring these armed groups under central control. For more see this article.


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