Friday, April 20, 2012

Russia's Richest Two Hundred

Alisher Usmanov is Russias richest person. He is invested in metals but also made a great deal of money through investing in Facebook. Usmanov has personal wealth of 18.5 billion U.S..

­ Usmanov overtook Vladimir Lising who owns a large steel company. His wealth is estimated at 15.9 billion. The only woman in the Forbes list is Elena Baturina whose wealth is estimated at a mere 1.1 billion. The youngest of the 200 is Deny Bazhaev just 16 founder of an investment group with wealth around 750 million.

The total wealth of the 200 is 446.3 billion. 145 of the group live in Moscow. For more see this article.. Capitalism is obviously kind to the Russian one per cent.

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