Two U.S. troops wounded in Yemen attack

The presence of U.S. boots on the ground is becoming more evident daily. According to this article a U.S. special forces commander toured the front line as Yemeni forces closed in on a town controlled by militants. The article describes the militants as Al Qaeda linked. and notes that the group is seen as a threat to the U.S. They will be perhaps after being attacked by special forces and U.S. drones.

Four Americans supposedly instructors were in a vehicle attacked in the city of Hudaida on the Red Sea. A Yemeni coastguard official said: "They were leaving their hotel in a Land Cruiser when militants in another car pulled up alongside and opened fire with rifles. One was shot in the neck and the other received a bullet in his leg," However another source said only one person was wounded.

The militant group Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack. . In a statement the group said:"The mujahideen (Islamic fighters) managed to hit three of them and, for certain, one suffered a serious injury in the neck,"

Elsewhere there have been clashes near the rebel held city of Jaar with both sides suffering casualties. There is no doubt a decision to deliberately reveal the extent of U.S. participation. Perhaps this will prepare Americans to accept involvement. There is no reason to expect the Republicans to attack Obama on this. Obama can be seen as tough on terrorism.

The Yemeni Defense Minstry claims that the head of U.S Central Command's Special Operations Force Major General Kenneth Tovo had visited the "area of the confrontations with al Qaeda" over the weekend. Tovo pledged more support for the army. Wake up U.S. taxpayers. It is happening again. Tovo said:"The Yemeni armed forces will receive the necessary support that would enable it to destroy al Qaeda," Of course groups such as Ansar al-Sharia are distinct from the AQAP which are Al Qaeda There are many groups opposed to the Yemeni government. All Yemeni President Hadi has to do is say they are linked to Al Qaeda and the U.S. will help put them down. For more see this article.


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