NATO starts first phase of missile defense system ignoring Russian objections

At the Chicago summit Obama and allies decided to initiate a first phase of the missile defense system.. A U.S. warship armed with interceptors has peen put in the Mediterranean and a radar system in Turkey activated under NATO command from a base in Germany.

NATO claims the system is not aimed at Russia but at such enemies as Iran. Moscow simply does not believe this. The NATO secretary general Anders Rasmussen defended the system noting that 30 different states seek or have ballistic missile technology. He said:“Missile defense is indispensable. We are faced with real missile threats,”“Against a real threat we need a real defense,” He did not elaborate on which countries aside from Iran might want to attack Europe.

Russia threatens to place short range missiles in Kaliningrad near Polandl if the defense system goes ahead. President Putin did not even attend the NATO summit.

NATO invited Russia to cooperate in the system. Russia would cooperate but only on condition that there be joint control of the system and a legally binding guarantee that the system is not aimed at Russia.

NATO has refused to grant either demand. I wonder why? Could is possibly be because it is aimed at Russia? For more see this article.


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