Former Israeli officials warn against attack on Iran

Last week former Israeli internal security chief Yuval Diskin warned that an attack on Iran could actually encourage them to develop a nuclear bomb. Diskin is not the only critic.

Former head of intelligence for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Shlomo Gazit agreed with Diskin. He warned that an attack on Iran would not destroy Iran's nuclear program but might convince Iran that the program should be accelerated. Public discourse on an attack simply ignores the fact that Iran could very well resume its program after any attack.

Diskin was caustic in his criticism of Barak and Netanyahu saying: ""[Israel's leadership] presents a false view to the public on the Iranian bomb, as though acting against Iran would prevent a nuclear bomb. But attacking Iran will encourage them to develop a bomb all the faster.""

Former chief of the Israeli intelligence Mossad Meir Daga also agreed with Diskin's criticisms. Some government sources called Diskin's attacks irresponsible and suggested Diskin was motivated by revenge at his not being picked as head of Mossad.

So far the U.S. has taken the position that diplomacy is the best way to resolve the nuclear issue with Iran. However all options are said to be on the table. For more see this article.


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