Sarkozy still trails socialist challenger Hollande in French election

This is the final campaign day in the French presidential runoff election that takes place on Sunday. This election along with the election in Greece may create new challenges for the EU.

Although Sarkozy has cut Hollande's lead in recent polls he still trails Hollande by over five per cent with little time left until the Sunday vote. Some accuse Sarkozy of moving to the right to capture votes. However the leader of the main far right party Marine Le Pen did not back either candidate in the runoff.

On the recent debate polls showed that more ( 31 per cent) found Hollande more convincing than Sarkozy (29). However this may not have helped Hollande in the polls. Sarkozy claims he has led France through the economic crisis better than many other European leaders. For his part if elected Hollande wants to renegotiate the EU fiscal pact to place more emphasis on growth rather than austerity. For more see this article.


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