New Agreement with Afghanistan would still allow U.S. led night raids and drone attacks on Pakistan.

   The wording of the new Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan governing relations between the two countries after 2014 has deceptive wording. When deciphered in spite of what the Karzai government claims the U.S. could conduct its own night raids without Afghan supervision and also drone raids could be continued against Pakistan.
  For drone raids see this article.  The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)  prohibits offensive drone raids against another country after 2014 when the agreement comes into effect. However this not prohibit offensive or defensive raids within Afghanistan. Defensive raids in Pakistan would also be allowed. All the U.S. need do is claim that the raids in Pakistan are defensive and hence continues the raids as it has up to now.
  For night raids see this article. The night raids covered under the MOU are just those reported by the U.S. to an Afghan co-ordination group. This allows the U.S. to still carry on independent night raids on its own. The practice has been to have more Afghan led raids and the agreement simply codifies the present practice and makes them subject to Afghan judicial oversight. For much more detail see this article.


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