Student sues DEA for 20 million after being abandoned in cell for almost five days

Daniel Chong is a University of California San Diego student. He is suing the U.S. Drug En­forcement Agency for 20 million in compensation after he was left in an empty jail cell for almost five days without food or water. No charges have ever been filed against Chong.

On April 20 Chong was arrested in a raid on a suspected ecstacy pill distribution center. Of eight arrested 7 were sent to another facility and one was let go but Chong was handcuffed and left in a 5 ft. by 10 ft. holding cell and then abandoned for four and a half days. He even tried to drink his own uring to survive and tried to eat glass.

Finally an agent opened the door to his cell and said: , "Where'd you come from?" Chong was covered in his own feces and had lost 15 points. He was sent immediately to a hospital where he spent three days in intensive care.

He was suffering from dehydration, kidney failure, and a perforated esophagus. The latter was caused when Chong tried to eat glass. Chong said:"I didn't care if I died," "I was completely insane."

The DEA offered an apology to Chong. Chong's lawyer sees it differently hence the suit for 20 million. The DEA says it was simply an accident. For more see this article.


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