Afghanistan air strikes kill more civilians

According to a breaking new report in Al Jazeera an attack overnight in Badghis provine killed 14 civilians according to area police. Speaking with Al Jazeera today officials said that six more civillians were wounded. No further details were released.

In eastern Afghanistan a bomb killed three NATO troops. This year so far 142 coalition troops have been killed. Another report from Xinhua through an Indian source claims that six civilians were killed when ISAF forces targeted a suspected Taliban hideout.

This attack was in the Sangin district of Helmand province.on Friday. Authorities released a statement saying:"Taliban militants opened fire on the checkpoints of Civil Order Police and ISAF on Friday and in retaliation the NATO-led ISAF aircrafts carried out air raids against the suspected hideout of the insurgents but unfortunately six innocent civilians were martyred," Those killed include three girls and two boys, as well as a woman all from the same family. The provincial governor was quick to condemn the attack. Karzai has constantly condemned night raids and air strikes but NATO takes little notice it would seem.


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