Nationalist Challenger wins presidency over incumbent in runoff

Tomislav Nikolic the nationalist candidate won a narrow victory over pro European union incumbent Boris Tadic. Nikolic won 49.4 per cent of the vote and Tadic 47.4. with 70 per cent of polling stations reporting.

Tadic conceded defeat saying:"I congratulate him on the victory, it was a fair and well-earned victory and I wish him luck" The voter turnout was quite low at around 36 per cent.

The win by Nikolic was a surprise as a comfortable victory for Tadic was predicted even at the last. Tadic concentrated on promoting integration within EU. Perhaps the troubles of Greece, Spain, and others make closer ties with the EU not all that attractive to the Serbs! Although not stressing further integration Nikolic also favors moves in that direction but not at any cost! For more see this article.


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