Obama misleads on Afghan situation

    Obama has recently boasted that he is withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014. While this is true of most combat troops it leaves out a great deal of important information. Under the Strategic  Partnership Agreement the U.S. will actually keep some troops in Afghanistan such as special forces, drone operators, and trainers for an entire decade. The U.S. will also help fund the Afghan military to the tune of a least a billion per year.
   Obama also claims that the Afghan security forces are well trained and ready to take over security. This is far from true. Only a small percentage of the forces are able to act independently. No doubt U.S. advisers will still be involved after 2014. One U.S. commander has said that only one per cent of Afghan forces are capable of acting independently. In an election year I suppose half truths and lies are part of the campaign. For more see this article.


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