U.S. to provide 52 million more in aid to Yemen

The aid is for areas that have been badly affected by Yemen's war on al-Qaida. That war is supported by the U.S. with even U.S. special forces on the ground helping to direct activity.

Yemen is suffering a humanitarian disaster with people fleeing many areas of conflict and the economy in ruins. There is no guarantee that all the aid will filter through to those who most need it as the government is of the old guard many of whom are corrupt. The president Hadi for example was vice-president under Saleh and some of Saleh's relatives are still in positions of power. But the Saleh clan no doubt are not the only corrupt politicians in Yemen.

The new aid is to be directed at the provinces of Lahj, Aden and Abyan. This new aid bring total aid to Yemen to 170 million this year. For more see this article.


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