After cross border attack from Afghanistan Pakistan complains to NATO

From NATO and the U.S. there is a constant string of complaints about terrorists attacking their troops in Afghanistan from safe havens in Pakistan. Now the tables are turned. Pakistan is complaining to NATO after an attack across the border from Afghanistan killed 13 Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistan complains that militants have a safe haven in Kunar province of Afghanistan. Taliban militants crossed the border and killed 13 Pakistani soldiers who were on patrol. Several soldiers were actually beheaded.

The attack was carried out by the Pakistani Tehreek-e Taliban Malakand Faction. Over 100 militants crossed over from Kunar province in Afghanistan. The group claimed credit for the attack and also said they killed 17 people. This could very well be accurate since Pakistani authorities reported 4 soldiers missing as well as the 13 killed. The militant group says that attacks will continue until Sharia law is established in Pakistan. For more see this article.


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