Walker lead narrows in Wisconsin recall race.

The vote is tomorrow in the Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin recall vote. The purportedly pro-labor President Obama is nowhere to be seen. There are many high profile Republicans helping Walker and of course teat party supporters and rich capitalists. Union coffers are no match for the donation's pouring in for Walker.

However the race is getting closer according to a recent poll. A Public Policy Polling Poll shows Walker receiving 50 per cent of the decided vote and challenger Tom Barrett mayor of Milwaukee 47 per cent. Three weeks ago there was a five per cent spread at 50 to 45 per cent for Walker.

Walker is winning among men, whites, seniors and residents of Milwaukee suburbs where Barrett leads among women, minorities, younger voters and in the greater Madison area and Milwaukee county. Key to winning for Democrats will be to get out their vote. Walker passed strong anti-labor legislation as governor. A win will no doubt encourage even more such legislation in other states.

This article suggests that Republicans are more excited than Democrats about the race. No doubt the right wing anti-labor hawks smell blood. The national Democrats just do not seem to appreciate the urgency of the battle in the way the right does.

While the Democrats have sent Bill Clinton into Wisconsin to campaign, Obama is noticeable for his absence. Obama is spending time in Minneapolis and Chicago both not that far from Wisconsin but he is not scheduled to appear in Wisconsin. Some Wisconsin Democrats have also complained of few funds coming from the Democratic National Committee.


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