Convention in Tampa shows all the new gadgets for Special Operations Forces

A trade event by SOFIC(Special Operations Forces Industry Convention) even had a show with assault helicopters with masked Special Operations Forces jumping out to engage in a noisy smoky mock gun battle. Just the sort of thing to get the juiced running and pocket books opening at the show in Tampa Florida.

The show was held over three days last week. Defense contractors big and small showed off their wares including the latest: radios, robots, weapons, vehicles etc. As always when the buyers are mostly males there were shapely women manning booths enticing the buyers in for talks with representatives.

Wired has an article that has samples of some of the products and accompanying photos. For example there is a small recon robot. The tracked robot weighs in at just five pounds is portable and radio controlled. You can buy one for a mere 20,000 dollars. For Uncle Sam that is peanuts. For much more see this article.


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